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Nir Tessler, FRSC, HFCCS
Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department
The Barbara and Norman Seiden Chair
Technion, Haifa, Israel

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Engineering - as a branch of science it stands primarily for a research that is oriented towards achieving a specific goal, that would be useful, while seeking to use the powerful tools already developed in Engineering as well as in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. Often some of the knowledge required to develop such tools is none existent or is simply not good enough and the research takes the form of Mathematics, Physics, or Chemistry type research.

Science - it embraces many different research approaches that are often oriented towards better understanding of the world around us. It is not necessarily target oriented and many times it is not so. As a whole, it generally provides the basic foundations an Engineering research can build upon.


" The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources "

Albert Einstein
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" Everything is always simple but for the small gap that takes place between the time you decide to have a go at it and the time you finally succeed "


About me

I was born in Bat-Galim (?daughter of the waves? i.e. mermaid) couple of blocks from the sea during the days it was still legit to walk this distance barefoot.

picture of bat-galim

My first ?engineering? experience as a young boy was when we built a tiny hut on the tree in our back yard. Luckily no one was inside when it all collapsed. Our next hut was on the ground and it included two high-tech upgrades:

  1. A fire place (incl. chimney) the heart of which was the drum of an old washing machine.
  2. A cooler that was based on a drain pipe that ran across the window and dripped water on a bed sheet.

My high school studies were at the Hareali Haivri school and undergraduate and graduate studies at the EE department, Technion. My PhD was on charge transport in III-V quantum well lasers trying to understand their high speed limitations. Upon deciding to change field and move to biology I accidently found about organic semiconductors and that no one has ever made a solid state laser based on these materials. In 1996, 8 months after joining the group of professor sir Richard Friend, we reported the first conjugated polymer based laser. More works I was involved with and other liked can be found here and if you are interested in my CV here.

If you happen to know hebrew than there is a bit about my father on the Lehi web page and my grand grandmother is on Wiki