" Device Synthesis "

A new branch of Device (chemical) physics

If you open the “bible” of semiconductor devices (by Sze) you may notice that at the early stages of silicon technology, many device structures were tried out. Those who went through the survival of the fittest were those who best fitted the silicon material system.
Going to the nano-scale, it is now clear to the device engineers of the multi-billion technology that since the materials “behave differently” at the nano-scale – new device structures must be sought (Fin FET, V FET, SOI, …). For some reason, the 3rd generation (nano) materials are expected to perform best in the traditional device structures.
I urge you to accept that these materials are different and provide them with suitable device structures! Lets make device synthesis a reality.

Below is the first half of a presentation that introduces the concept, in the context of organic PV. The 2nd half would be on vertical FET. And the 3rd is yet to be determined.

The video files have been moved to our OMD youtube channel